The Making of a dining table

Aril 28, 2013

I set myself a goal to finish this project in around 125 hours (approx. 2-3 weeks). I’m just going through the last few stages of the building process now and I think I am still on target for my goal.
A few things still need to be done:
– Fitting the pulls into the casings
– Attaching the table top to the frame
– Final sanding
– Applying finish

Final sanding was done with 320-600 grit with the Festool Rotex sander.
For the finish, I used the Monocoat from Rubio. It is very easy to apply, 0% V.O.C and you only need one coat!

Here are the final pictures from this project.

Aril 25, 2013

One of my goals with this project was to try to use all mechanical parts made out of wood (rather than using metal hardware). So I had to come up with ideas for how to attach the leaves to the ends of the table. I thought a partly dovetail slide might do the job.

The plan is to make a casing with dovetail dado cut-out using a router, then cut the pulls with the table saw to match the angle (7 degrees) of the dado. The whole casing and the pulls then will be inserted into the slots on the end aprons at about 4 inches from the sides.

Aril 24, 2013

I decided to make a little change with the design. I though having the legs tapered would be nice instead of just straight beefy 3 x 3.
So this is the taper jig that I made for the table saw.
Then I can start gluing up the legs to the aprons.

One Reply to “The Making of a dining table”

  1. You should add a photos of us sitting around this gorgeous new table, afraid to touch it or spill anything on it.

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